A curry is a dry vegetable side dish that is usually had with plain white cooked rice or tortillas. It is mixed with the rice along with a tablespoon of clarified butter per serving.
Lemon Pickle

Beetroot Curry   Bell pepper Onion Curry    Cauliflower Onion Curry 
Potato Onion Curry  Hot Potato Curry  Kohlrabi Curry
Okra Fry  Carrot Curry Broccoli curry
Cabbage Black eyed peas Curry  Cucumber Curry  Cucumber Lima Beans curry 
Eggplant  Fry  Zucchini Curry Snow peas Curry
Chayote Curry Cauliflower Coconut Curry Bell pepper Curry
Eggplant Onion Fry  
Broccoli Onion Curry
Taro Root Curry
Radish Salad
Radish Curry
Cucumber Salad
Curry Leaves Powder  
Stuffed Eggplant Curry
Carrot Radish Salad  
  Simple Green Beans