House Plants

1. How to plant, grow a Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden is easy to grow in the desert if the right plants are planted. The plants that do well are

1. Eggplant ,best varieties-Black beauty, Japanese long eggplant

2. Okra  , best varieties Clemson Spineless

3. Tomatoes, best variety Early Bird
4. Green Peas. 

All these plants are pretty easy to start directly in the ground from seeds  but they are better bought from the nursery in 6 packs. They grow quicker and take less time to come to fruit.

The herb Mint  does very well too but is very invasive and is best planted in pots. This works better started from a 6 pack or a 4 inch pot available in the nurseries.

Where to Plant: 

All these plants do good in a sunny location with atleast 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight.

How to Plant

Simple 1,2,3,4 steps on how to plant.
1. Cultivate the soil with an inch or two of top soil, peat moss and fertilizer.
2. Mark 3 feet rows about a feet apart.
3. Make a line with your fingers in the soil and plant the seeds about 3 inches apart. (Eggplant seeds are very small and are best sowed over the soil and covered with 1 inch of soil).
4. Water the seeds everyday and keep the ground moist with a layer of mulch.
Tip: For Mint just cut off the bottom of the pot in which you bought the mint and plant it in the ground, leaving the sides of the pot intact. This way the mint cannot spread and will stay in the same spot.
When planting potted plants in the ground turn the plant upside down and give it a few pats. This will loosen the plant from the pot. Then hold on to the plant  and give the pot a shake and the plant will be out easily. 
Dig a hole  a little deeper than the plant's pot. Now loosen the soil around the bottom of the plant and plant it in the ground. Cover it with dirt. Be sure to fill in the dirt tightly around the plant without any air pockets. You are done with planting.
Fertilize the plants when they are 4 inches above ground with a liquid fertilizer like Miracle Grow. Repeat once in 4 weeks. Keep the plants watered well. In summer try to water the plants in the evening or early in the morning. This helps the plants to absorb the necessary water before it gets hot as the sun dries out the water.

2.Perennial and Annual Flower Garden

Planting Annuals and Perennials together makes the garden look colorful and in full bloom all year round. Plan it in a way that there are a few perennials and a few annuals planted together to complement each other.

The best Perennials are 
1. Eurorips Daisy 

2. Shasta Daisy 

3. Mums 
4. Fox Glove 
5. Arabian Jasmines, Star Jasmines which are very scented
6. Honeysuckle which attracts hummingbirds (grow as small bushes) 
7. Lantana (which is very tough, drought tolerant)
8. Verbena 
9. Lavender
10. Hibiscus
11. Oleander
12. Bird of Paradise/Mexican bird of paradise
to name a few.

The best Summer Annuals grown directly from seeds are

1. Zinnia's  ,

2. Marigolds  ,

3. Bachelor's Buttons
4. Snap Dragons
5. Alyssum or Baby's breath 
6. Sunflowers

7. Cosmos and
8. Four 'O Clocks
to name a few. 
The Zinnia's especially do very well.
All these plants do good in a sunny location. The seeds of the annual plants like zinnia's, cosmos and marigolds are the petals of the flowers themselves when they dry up in the plant. They can be stored and sowed again the next season.

The best winter annuals are
1. Petunias
2. Pansies
3. Sweet Pea & Sugar snap pea
4. Mums