Spice, Herb and Grocery Tables

In the above table some of the items are recommended to be bought at the american stores while some are recommended to be bought at the Indian stores. Most of the spices can be asked for by their American names. The Indian names are only for reference purpose and are sometimes useful to know.Usually in the Indian grocery stores spices, lentils, peas, powders, basmati rice and the rest of the items are available in larger quantities, for lesser price, are fresher and more flavorful. As whole spices, lentils and powders have a longer shelf line it is wiser to buy them here. But items like long grain rice, short grain rice, oil, butter to make clarified butter and definetley Wheat flour, All purpose flour, all kinds of beans, dry fruits and nuts are better in  quality and price at the american stores. All kinds of nuts and dry fruits  are usually more expensive at the indian stores. The spices at the american stores are usually found in the spice isle where all the bottled Mc cormick, Spice Island and other brand names including store brands are located. Sometimes they are also found in the Mexican food section isle or by the fresh produce. Rice is easily available in the american stores in the rice and beans isle. Long grain white rice is preferred. Basmati rice is available in small bags too in the same isle. Indian stores and some chinese/asian stores get fresh vegetables every week. Vegetables like raw green mango, small round and long eggplants, okra, drumsticks, radish, fenugreek leaves, curry leaves (fresh/ dry), green chilies to name a few.